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What is KEM

KEM Playing Cards are the finest playing cards in the world.  KEM has a long history of satisfaction, with the first set of playing cards rolling off the production line in the early 1930's

What makes KEM Cards different?

KEM cards are made from 100% cellulose acetate plastic.  Regular playing cards are made from paper or cardboard.  Some are plastic coated, but the coating is very thin.  The coating wears off quickly and the paper based playing cards turn to mush.  In general, 100% plastic KEM cards will last up to 50 times as long as a paper based playing card.  KEM cards are the clear economic choice for playing cards.

Other 100% plastic playing card manufacturers use a pvc plastic when they make their 100% plastic playing cards.  We understand, since pvc is a cheaper raw material than Cellulose acetate plastic.  However, its the cellulose acetate that makes our cards that much better than all the other 100% plastic playing card manufacturers.  Cellulose acetate has more snap and shape retention than PVC.  Cellulose acetate does cost more, but it is worth it!

KEM has experience and workmanship that has been crafted over the last 70 years.  KEM cards are made with precision for your card playing pleasure.  So the next time you are considering what type of playing card to purchase choose KEM cards.

Who are KEM's Customers?

Millions of people love KEM Cards.  However, many people have still never heard of this product.  Most people don't talk about the playing cards they use, but in our opinion they should.  KEM cards have the most loyal and supportive customer base in the  market today.  Many of our customers have been customers of KEM cards for 30, 40 or even 50 years.  Some have been using the same playing card set for decades.

KEM also services many of the poker rooms in casinos world wide.  Casinos need a secure and durable playing card in their poker rooms.  Since the players handle the cards in the poker rooms within the casino, it makes sense that they need a durable card.  A Durable card prevents accidental or intentional marking and reduces costs.  You know you can deal a square game when you play with KEM!  KEM cards are also more secure since they are cellulose acetate plastic.  The plastic prevents marking with dyes and inks.  The plastic is designed to not absorb these types of materials.  So the securitly of the playing card is enhanced since it prevents special marking inks from marking the outside of playing cards.  Your game won't be compromised when you deal KEM cards!

Magicians Love KEM Cards as well.  The increased flexibility of plastic cards combined with the greater texture provided by celulose acetate plastic makes this card apealing to magicians.  Greater card handling can be achieved when you play with KEM cards.  Dealing is more efficient and fluid.  Shuffling is an ease.  So the magician appreciates these traits in their playing cards.  You dont have to know Magic to appreciate these characteristics though.  The same flexibility and texture will ensure your home game is dealt just like a real casino game!

Join the KEM revolution today and find out what you've been missing!

Each Set of KEM cards come with 2 decks of different color (unless noted).  Each deck is housed in a hard plastic case to protect your gaming investment.  Your KEM cards can be washed and if taken care of properly will be a cherished item that is in your possession for quite some time.