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KEM Card Care and Cleaning instructions

Here are some suggested KEM Card care procedures:

  1. Store your cards in the case. Unnecessary damage can occur simply because your KEM cards are not stored properly.
  2. Avoid storing your KEM cards in unreasonable temperatures. Your KEM cards can be destroyed by subjecting them to very hot or very cold temperatures. We receive many calls from people that have had their KEM cards destroyed by simply leaving them in a car during a hot summer day.
  3. If your KEM cards are not as slick as they used to be, we have heard many people use talcum powder to increase their slickness. This is perfectly acceptable. If you like a very slick playing card, consider using talcum powder on your KEM cards after the brand-new feel has faded away.
  4. Keep your KEM Cards clean. Here are the recommended card-cleaning instructions for KEM Cards:
    • Always use cold water when washing your KEM cards. Using hot water will cause fading and chipping. (Do not put them in the dish washer or washing machine!)
    • Use a neutral soap. A neutral soap is one that carries a PH balance of 4. A neutral soap is one that is not alkaline or acidic. Using a neutral soap like Dove will increase the longevity of your playing cards.
    • Use a non-abrasive cloth to clean your cards. Don't use a paper towel or other abrasive material.
    • Clean only a few cards at a time. Don’t go too fast. Be sure each card is cleaned before moving on to the next card.
    • Rub very lightly on both sides of the card and rinse quickly.
    • Don’t let soap residue or water lay on the card for an extended period of time.
    • Use a cloth to dry by hand. Then set out each card individually to air dry.
    • Do not set cards on top of one another until they are completely dry.
    • Do not use any artificial heat to dry the cards. Avoid setting in the sun.
    • Once dried, place KEM cards back in storage case.
  5. Your KEM cards are a gaming investment. Always remember to treat them as such. They are known for their durability, but please treat them with care!